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Extended Offer for Farm Works Customers!

By Trimble Ag Software on Dec 26, 2016 2:00:00 PM |




Don't Miss This Special Offer for Farm Works Software Customers...

In case you missed the exciting news on November 7, 2016, Farm Works Software® is now a part of the new Trimble® Ag Software. This change comes with new functionality added to the desktop software as well as a whole new range of options for managing your data on the cloud and on your mobile devices.



 *Farmer Pro includes the Farmer Basic desktop software


Two Extended Offers if Using Older Versions of Farm Works

Option 1: If you are using an older version of Farm Works, you can update to Farmer Basic at a reduced price of $300 — a savings of $195! Make sure to do it before March 17, 2017 (formerly December 31) by using coupon code USPPromo via the online Marketplace. Waiting to update to Farmer Basic later will cost you $495. Farmer Basic includes all the functionality of Farm Works Mapping plus a new lite level of accounting that gives you cash accounting records for taxes, along with crop and input inventories, field enterprising and more!

Option 2: If you decide to upgrade to Farmer Pro, your cost is only $1,088 — a savings of $700! Make sure to use coupon code FWLoyalty before March 17, 2017 when purchasing via the online Marketplace. Farmer Pro gives you all the online and mobile app functionality of Connected Farm™ and Agri-Data® Solutions, as well as all the updates to your desktop software.

Special Offer if Subscribed to Annual Maintenance Plan

If you are already subscribed to the Farm Works Update Service Plan (USP), you will be updated to Farmer Basic at no additional cost when you update your software to Version 2017. If you decide to upgrade to Farmer Pro, it is only $1,088 — a savings of $700! Make sure to use coupon code USPLoyalty before March 17, 2017 when purchasing via the online Marketplace.


*Farmer Basic includes light accounting features including cash general ledger, supply and harvested crop inventories and field enterprising

**Annual Maintenance Plan includes 12 months of updates and phone support


What is the Online Marketplace?

You will need to go to the Marketplace in order to place your order for the Annual Maintenance Plan or Farmer Pro. This means that you’ll have to set up a new Trimble account if you haven’t done this already.  

  1. Login or set up a new Trimble account at www.TrimbleAg.com
  2. You will be prompted to enter additional information including your company name and the crops you grow
  3. Click on Marketplace (located on left panel)
  4. Select Maintenance Plan or Farmer Pro from the list of products, followed by entering your promo code when checking out
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 1.800.282.4103 or email us at TABS_support@trimble.com


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